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    Priestly breastplate

    The Hoshen, the breastplate, first worn the High Priest Aaron, brother of Moshe, in the Tabernacle in the desert, and subsequently worn by every high priest since while performing his holy duties.

    The Hoshen served as an intermediary between the twelve tribes and God. The gemstones represented the link between the perfection of nature and the aspirations of man.

    There were 12 precious stones in the Hoshen. Various Jewish sources teach us that in addition to representing the twelve tribes of the Children of Israel, and each stone has served as an expression of faith and optimism throughout the generations.

    The twelve stones symbolize the unity of the Jewish people and their equal status before the Almighty. As precious and non precious stones were set together in the Hoshen, so too are the noble born and the commoner all equal before God

    Special and unique

    made from 925 sterling silver and multi color quartz gemstone

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